Ceci N'est pas une Half-Pipe
Ski Hotel
401 Options Studio Winter 2009
Instructor: Dagmar Richter
Collaborator: Jonathan Frommer

This studio examined the way both hybrid complexes supporting a wide array of contradictory programs and extreme topography can generate unforeseen results. The program includes a hotel, restaurants, a spa, a dairy production plant, and facilities to accommodate skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, and biking. The complex is required to operate year-round and to provide clearly organized pathways to and from indoor areas and expansive landscape features.

Seeking to closely intertwine the activities on the mountain with the hotel experience, my partner and I embedded a half-pipe for snowboarding competitions between rooms and entertainment facilities. We divided the hotel into distinct building units to allow skiers to access viewing space along the half-pipe. Beneath the half-pipe is an expansive lobby including retail and dairy production facilities. Along its opposite edge is a trellis providing ski-in access to bars and cafés. Activity occurs with varying degrees of connectivity to the landscape. The visitor may be outdoors in the half-pipe, protected from the elements in the underground, retail complex, or partially enclosed under the trellis. At all times the visitor interacts closely with the steep topography and the excitement of alpine events.

View towards downtown Innsbruk

View down the mountain

View from the half-pipe

Site plan


Long section perspective

Short section perspective

Section model

Section model