Spiraling Voids
Tectonic Connections and Projections
411 Core Studio Fall 2006
Instructor: Heather Roberge

The objective of “Tectonic Connections” was to explore the generative growth potential inherent in individual components through repetition, yielding possibilities for open structural networks from a single connection. The project began with the design of a single structural basswood unit that could be combined to expand in the x, y, and z directions without the use of adhesives. For the second part of the project, “Projections,” students used ink drawing to amplify the model’s spatial logic and describe its assemblage.

I designed a single “Y” shaped unit out of four basswood strips. The top ends of the “Y” are open loops and the bottom end is a set of prongs. The prongs and loops connect, generating a torquing spiral. The assemblage drawing shows how four single units aggregate to make a piece that can be further combined. The other drawing depicts the voids in the model, which I generated by making connecting lines between pairs of prongs. The lines created ruled surfaces, giving an impression of the twist of each void.

Basswood model

Axons of units and model voids