Elementary School
Daly Genik Architects
Summer Internship 2008

Daly Genik was commissioned to build an intensive language school serving over 450 students from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade on a five acre site. The goal of the school campus is to reclaim green space and create classrooms that spill into the courtyards, fostering indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

My involvement with the project was to generate a series of diagrams, some of which are featured here, illustrating how the program would unfold throughout the day. In the first two diagrams shown, I divided the kindergarten building into six major time blocks. A goal of the scheme was to demonstrate to the client that activity could flow into the classrooms and out to the courtyard with ease. We also used the diagrams to illustrate that both the courtyard and classroom spaces could be easily reconfigured to accommodate changing program.

Classroom use in the morning

Classroom use in the afternoon

Close-up of reconfigured classroom